Mike Blyth

Mike’s passions are adventure flying, business and film making. In 1992 he became South Africa’s first aviation world champion by winning the Microlight World Champs. Mike began expedition flying in 1995 when he flew his self-designed and made trike-type microlight from Cape Town to Norway. Taking to the air again in 1999 he flew from Buenos Aires to Cape Town. More recently, Mike, with James Pitman, became the first South African to circumnavigate the globe in their self-designed and made aircraft called ‘The Sling’. Mike is the recipient of many local and international awards for his flying feats. He has made three films (and is busy with three more), all of which have won numerous awards at film festivals around the world. www.airplanefactory.co.za, www.noneedforparking.com , www.trike-expeditions.com