Monde Sitole

In 2009, Monde Sitole was one of 10 young South Africans selected by the Cape Windjammers Education Trust to attend school onboard a Canadian tall ship (sails and all!), which they sailed from Cape Town to Bermuda. Along with 25 Canadian students, Monde spent three months onboard this elegant ship. On his return, he applied to be part of Mike Horn’s Pangaea Expedition Young Explorers Program (YEP). Horn selects young adults from around the world to accompany him on sections of this four-year journey across continents so that they can “experience and explore the natural world, learn about its challenges, find possible solutions, and above all, act swiftly to help change things for the better”. Monde’s application was successful and he went to Switzerland to meet Mike Horn and to participate in the 10-day YEP selection camp; he did not make the final team of eight. Monde aims to knock off the Seven Summits (he has done Kili; Aconcagua is on the cards for January 2011) as well as to ski to the North and South Poles.

Of interest, the ship Monde sailed on, SV Concordia, a sail training ship built in 1992, capsized and sank a year ago, on 17 January 2010, 600km off the coast of Brazil. She encountered a sudden air phenomenon, much like a tornado, that knocked the vessel to her side and saw her sink within 20 minutes – not even enough time for a radio distress call! 41 hours later all 64 people onboard were rescued from the lifeboats.

In this talk, Monde looks at his three months onboard the ship.