South African FEATs

This is a compilation of feats achieved in South Africa, by South Africans. These are mostly distance and speed records in the run, bike and paddle disciplines. Sure, there are hundreds more when you consider sporting events and disciplines like climbing, paragliding and everything inbetween; but these are quite specialised disciplines whereas the feats listed below could be accomplished by most with a bit of training. Perhaps not in record time, but certainly accomplished. Maybe looking at some of these you’ll be thinking, “Mmm… I could do that!”.

To contribute more feats to the ones listed, please email and please provide the content as it is presented here.

I know of walks around SA. Has anyone run? Ditto with cycling the whole way around. There have also been speedy bike rides from Jo’burg to CT or Beit Bridge to CT; and a walk from Beit Bridge to CT.