Howard is at the South Pole

After 35 days of man-hauling, Howard Fairbank has reached the South Pole. He arrived there at 11h55 Punta Arenas time on Thursday, 27 December 2011.

He says, “The approach to the ‘complex’ is quite strange for what it is… There is this huge ice road that is virtually an ice highway, maybe 30 metres wide that I’m told runs the whole way from McMurdo base on the coast (opposite side to where I started) to the South Pole”.

He skiied along the highway and past a campsite to the South Pole point.

“It feels REAL GOOD to know its done, but I DO know I’ll miss the simplicity, I can feel it already…

For the moment, I’m enjoying a warmish ALE tent environment (the one of two heaters is not working), a glass or two of good red wine, and RELAXING with a great sense of satisfaction! I’m the only ‘guest’ here… Scott the new base manager just flew in today, and cooked me a great salmon (yes, fish), non-pemmican, non-cheese, dinner… Total luxury, it’s hard to explain, but it REALLY is…

I’ve set up my tent outside and will retire there soon for VERY pleasant dreams… I’m leaving the alarm to go off at 6am, just to enjoy switching it off, and going back to sleep…”

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