Couple start China to India cycle adventure in Feb

Capetonians Thamar and Richard Houliston will begin their exciting 8000-kilometre Beijing to Bombay cycle expedition in February. They plan to cycle from the Great Wall of China (just North of Beijing), through China and Tibet, across the Friendship Highway to the base of Mount Everest and into Nepal and then through Northern India.

In a post on planning this expedition Thamar writes, “The hardest part of living your dreams is taking the first step. Richard and I knew we wanted to do something epic but couldn’t decide where to start as there are so many places we want to experience. The seed was planted but the journey undefined. What we did know is that we wanted to do something extraordinary in a way that we could encounter a place head on and on by our own means. Finally we took the first few steps gave our trip roots by deciding on a region of the globe and that we’d like to cycle. And so slowly the expedition started to take shape and grow in our hearts.”

This expedition should see them on their bikes into mid-July 2012.

Their website is and they’ll also be on Twitter.