Richard Kohler (video)

Richard Kohler hails from Cape Town and if you’ve followed the newsy items on the FEAT website over the past two years you’ll recognise Richard’s name… one that is certainly synonymous with determination and perseverance.

Back in December 2011 he gave it a good shot, aiming to paddle SA’s coastline from East to West. He battled rough surf (broken surfski!), sharks (damaged surfski), injury and then theft – the latter putting an end to his expedition. Not being a person to to give up, Richard vowed to complete what he set out to do and spent the next nine months replacing the redistributed equipment. Richard took to the water in late October last year, this time paddling West to East from the Namibian border (going against the prevailing winds and currents!) and all the way around, a 70-day adventure.

Richard spoke at FEAT Jo’burg in October 2013.