Ingrid Lotze & Gavin Moffat (video)

Husband-and-wife pair, Gavin Moffat and Ingrid Lotze, are trimix technical divers – the ones that travel to places like Egypt not to see the pyramids but to descend 103-metres into the watery depths of the ‘Blue Hole’ at Dahab, on the Red Sea coast. Their journey from recreational scuba to 103-metres down took a couple of years. And this all came about because of a tv programme.

“It began in 2007 when we decided that we wanted to further our diving knowledge and spice up our diving lives just a little. I’d watched an awesome BBC series called ‘The World at War’ and they spoke about Truk Lagoon and all the incredible vessels that were just waiting for us to visit. We wanted to be able to do these dives,” Gavin says.