Steve and Clyde’s land-sea duel

Two athletes. One running. One paddling. Cape Point to Durban. Who will win?

On 17 May ultra-runner Steve Black and surf-ski paddler Clyde ‘Skinny Cappucchino’ Barendse will engage in an endurance duel – The Coastal Challenge.

They’ll start from Cape Town’s Cape Point and then over the next 30-odd days they’ll battle it out to see who will reach Durban’s Addington Beach first. Steve will run the coastline on foot; Clyde will take to the ocean on a surf-ski.

A veteran ultra-endurance runner from the Underberg, Steve aims to run the 1900-kilometre distance in 28 days. This averages at around 66 kilometres per day.

Clyde, an experienced paddler from Durban, has less distance to cover but he’ll be more at the mercy of weather and ocean conditions. On paper, he’ll be hard-pressed to beat Steve.

Both guys are undertaking this challenge in support of a mutual friend, Lettie, who is fighting her second round against cancer.

Their website will be up soon (with tracking during the challenge) at