Meet Clyde Barendse and Steve Black

Our next talk is a double feature with Clyde Barendse and Steve Black. They raced each other from Cape Town to Durban on foot and surfski.

Clyde Barendse, Photo: GCINA NDWALANE

At 19, Clyde “Skinny Cappuccino” Barendse sailed from Durban to North America, a 12,000-mile trip that included the Amazon and Caribbean. Now 35, Clyde describes himself as a “casual adventure sports person who enjoys a last-minute challenge, with no preparation”. Whether hiking, biking, mountaineering or paddling Clyde is up for anything – which his recent adventure duel with Steve Black confirms. Clyde paddled a surfski from Cape Town to Durban, racing Steve from start to finish.

When he’s not adventuring, Clyde designs and manufactures products based on collapsible mobile functionality for counters and displays. He is also the sole director of Barcode – a national mobile bar service with offices in Cape Town, Durban and Jo’burg.

So that brings us now to Steve…

This 60-year young sheep and horse farmer is a running and paddling legend. He lives in the mountains of the southern Drakensberg and is married to Lulu; they have two daughters and two grandsons.

Steve describes himself as “just an average guy who has never been fenced in – very, very luckily”. From a young age, sport was part of Steve’s world. He has racked up 15 Duzis (nine gold medals) and 11 Comrades (10 Silvers). Steve has paddled from Chicago to New York (1,000 nautical miles) – twice and he has run ultras locally and abroad – with too many first places to comprehend.

“And then lost it completely when I ran 1,068 kilometres to visit my daughter in Knysna,” he laughs. Average guy? Not.

Recently Steve, on foot, went up against Clyde in their race from Cape Town to Durban, which they’ll tell us about at FEAT.