FEAT Headband Buff

Our FEAT Headband Buff® is perfect for everything. 

We keep meeting people who have cut up an Original Buff® to make it narrower so that it can be worn comfortably as a headband. Noooooo! Get yourself a stylish FEAT Headband Buff® instead!

Our FEAT Headband Buff® is ideal for outdoor pursuits when the mercury drops. Not too thick, not too thin; not too warm either. These Headbands are just right.

This FEAT Headband Buff®…

  • looks super amazing and is FEAT branded; the colours go with everything
  • is a double layer of Coolmax High UV Protection Buff fabric
  • not too hot, not too cold – just right
  • hugs your forehead
  • fits perfectly under a cap or helmet to keep your ears cosy in winter
  • is a stylish sweatband to keep sweat and hair off your face (summer and winter)
  • can be worn around your neck as a neckerchief (not as warm as a full size Buff)

Your Buff collection is not complete without a Headband Buff®


Availability and Delivery options

  • Order directly from Lisa (feat@featsa.co.za).
  • I’ll courier to you for R45 and a bunch of Buffs will fit into one bag.