Colin rides again – a feat of recovery

I’ve written about low-budget adventure cyclist Colin Cooper before. His cycling adventures are South African, interesting and often done with his daughter, Bianca. Colin and Bianca are back in the saddle for their most recent adventure – riding to and ascending the highest peak in each of South Africa’s nine Provinces. They set off 11 days ago and have completed four of the nine summits covering 800km of the 3,000km on their single-speed Qhubeka bicycles.

“Back in August last year, my daughter and I intended to climb the SA 9 Peaks and travel between each peak by single speed, solid steel Qhubeka bicycle,” Colin writes.

“This FEAT was rudely interrupted by a gang attacking me on my farm and beating me to death with rocks and golf clubs.”

Colin was in a coma for a while with massive head injuries and broken bones.

“Brilliant work by doctors and nurses at Milpark Hospital saved my life and  I am back on the road,” he says.

Bianca and Colin began their re-planned expedition 11 days ago. They have completed the first four peaks and are back on their weighty and solid single-speed Qhubeka bikes en route to the Drakensberg.

“We should climb Namahadi later this week,” he says.

“This expedition is a massive recovery exercise for me as I suffer from many injuries, which might take another year to mend. This is my FEAT of recovery.”

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