Colin Cooper rides on beer and bread

Back-to-basics cyclist Colin Cooper is back in the saddle with a new ‘Cheaper than staying at home’ cycling adventure. He is riding his steel-frame, single-speed, back-pedal brake Qhubeka bike from his home in Groot Marico to the start of the 94.7 cycle race at 94.7km per day for six days with the 7th being the cycle race. Always one for a twist, Colin will be eating bread and drinking beer on this ride.

“The plan is to ride from Groot Marico to Lichtenburg, Ventersdorp, Parys, Krugersdorp, Hekpoort and Alberton. Maggie [Colin's wife] is my back-up team again and we will be camping all along the route. Bianca [Colin's daughter and adventure partner], who will be taking part in 94.7 on a restored single-speed Zini racing bike circa the 80′s,¬†cannot make this adventure due to work commitments,” says Colin.

“One more thing,” he adds, “I shall be living and drinking on a beer and bread diet. All meals (and most calories ) will be based on homemade bread. All drinks, even on the rides, will be beer, which I water down to less than 2% and add a bit of sugar and salt.”

Colin says that from the time of the Egyptian slaves to the general labourers of 100 years ago, they all existed on bread and beer.

“Egyptian slaves were given a daily ration of three loaves of bread and two flagons of beer.”

“There are a number of real ales in the UK that are still named after the trades such as Shepherds Ale, Porter Stout, Miners Mild,” he explains.

The day before starting his adventure, Colin did a ride to test his formula.

“I have just come back from a 50km test ride and have decided that tomorrow I will begin the 94.7 x 7 using Guinness, it’s good for you! Attached are some pics of today’s prep day – making home-baked rolls, apricot jam from the trees on the farm and decanting Guinness into the bottles,” he writes.

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