Video: Jean Craven

While on honeymoon in 2000, Jean Craven stood on the Rock of Gibraltar looking across the water to Morocco. “I’m sure I can swim this,” he thought.

Nine years later, a bet of R100,000 saw him swim the 17km Strait of Gibraltar in just over four hours. He donated the money to the children’s charity fundraising NPO he founded, Madswimmer.

Since 2009, Madswimmer’s swimmers have successfully completed the six recognised intercontinental swims with Jean being the only one to do all six. He has faced freezing waters, crocodiles, sharks and killer whales.

When he’s not swimming, Jean is a husband, father and Director at two international companies in Johannesburg. The swims happen in between.

“However,” he says, “these swims make up the other 100% of my life”.

At FEAT (Jo’burg, 8 October 2015), Jean spoke to us about his six intercontinental swims.