Video: Nic Good

Nic is a directing cameraman. He is as comfortable in an editing studio as he is underwater, in the sky, on the sea or hanging on a rock face. 20-years ago Nic started his company Fresh Air Crew to shoot and direct a mountaineering expedition to Patagonia. His first documentary won at the Banff International Mountain Film Festival and led to him developing a niche in the adventure-documentary market.

Nic’s skills as a cameraman and director have been instrumental in the development and filming of numerous prestigious international adventure events and award-winning documentaries globally.

Some of his award winning films are ‘Oceans of Fear’, ‘San Valentin’, ‘Desert Friction’, ’90 Minutes Closer to Antigua’, ‘Africa Fusion’, ‘Flying Dagger’ and ‘Heaven’s Gate’.

At FEAT (Jo’burg, 8 October 2015) Nic gives us a glimpse into the making of award-winning films as he explores his theme of ‘Adventuretainment’.