Video: Paige Raw

13 year old Paige Raw lives in the Ezulwini Valley in Swaziland. “I have a river in my front yard and a mountain in my backyard – but if you think I live in the bush, think again… there’s actually a Woolies Food just one kilometre from my door,” she says.

Paige enjoys school and she plays all sports, with her passion being for swimming and hockey. “Ever since I saw Chad le Clos winning in the 2012 Olympics, he’s been my inspiration to train hard, but if I saw him in real life, I think I would just faint straight away,” she says. Paige swims for the Swazi National team.

Paige says that her dad, Darron Raw, is not normal. “He tends not to play golf, watch TV or take the easy way between A and B. He and my mom run an adventure business, which is something to do with scaring people to the point when they think they’re dying, but when they are not really. For some reason people like to be bashed down white-water rivers, bumped and bruised in caves and tipped off mountain-bikes. I’ve heard so many people say, “I nearly died” that it is a miracle that I haven’t grown up to have thanatophobia –  the fear of death.”

Paige loves travelling because of the tingly feeling she gets when she explores new places. “The real world is very different from what you see on television or on social media. I like to see things with my own eyes.  The real world is a lot nicer than our imaginations sometimes allow us to believe,” she says.

At FEAT Kids (Jo’burg, 8 October 2015) Paige spoke about her adventurous travels in China (Paige was 11 at the time of the trip).