Videos: Robyn Zimmerman

Robyn Zimmerman comes from a long line of scouts and thus it was inevitable that she too would join scouts by the age of 13. “I have been extensively involved in all aspects of scouts – first aid, pioneering, hiking, camping and community service,” she says.

In 2011 Robyn received Springbok colours for scouting, a level that only 2% of scouts ever reach. This is the highest award attainable and the scout is required to complete all the requirements for the Springbok award before their 18th birthday. Among the requirements, the scout must complete at least 40 hours of community service, lead a hike of over 30 kilometres in unfamiliar territory and plan and construct a pioneering project.

“Now, as an adult in the movement, I am currently running my own troop,” Robyn says. She also belongs to a Rover crew. The Rover programme focuses on services to others.

Robyn studied a BA Law at Wits University and she is currently working with a public-benefit company involved in youth leadership development.

At FEAT Kids (Jo’burg, 8 October 2015), Robyn spoke to us about the scout movement and the influence it has had on her life.