A bad first day for Bernie

Just before New Year, Bernie Theron let us in on his new adventure: a cycling journey from Cape Town, through 11 African countries, with individual adventures in each country. His adventure has begun. Bernie set off from Cape Town on Saturday but Day 1 definitely didn’t go as planned. A flat tyre, two near muggings and then a robbery – only six hours in.

On his Facebook page Bernie writes of Day One:

“BAD start… My first day was a bit of a bummer… firstly I said farewell to family and friends in waterfront before I started my trip into Africa.
But then I got my first flat 2 km later just down the road from the start, I could still see the building I started at. I thought that this was a sign for the things to come… But I was wrong. The cycling through Cape Town shady areas are a bit dodge I will admit, so after 2 potential muggings I headed on the straight and narrow N1. I stopped on the N1 to take a well needed break of the days cat and mouse games when a man appeared.
So after 6 hours on my first day I got robbed of my MUCH needed gear. (Cellphone, go pro, shoes, mp3 etc…) Thus day one was not just a slog but an epic day that cost me dearly in gear, funds and metal readiness. But I believe it can only get better from here on out!”

Fortunately yesterday, Day Two, went a whole lot better.

Day 2 (Soooo many left )

Day two started much better than day 1, but sadly I needed to conquer De Toit’s Pass (845m in elevation) … So I started my day slowly ticking of the meters up the pass. Grueling for the second day but luckily my gear was stolen thus I was much lighter. And everyone enjoys endless downhills to the Breede River.
But in the end the day progressed without any real incidents, so I just did my kms that I had to do . Now I am only hoping to get into habits of day to days things.

Best wishes to Bernie for more good days ahead.