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Everesting attempt on Qhubeka bikes

Colin and Bianca Cooper, our adventurous Qhubeka bike riders, have another interesting ride planned for 13 January 2017. They aim to ride the accumulated elevation of the height of Mt Everest (8848 metres) in one session.

Video: Colin & Bianca Cooper

After three decades of long-distance running, Colin’s bones are no longer up to the impact. He started cycling and for three years he has only been riding his steel-frame, single-speed Qhubeka bicycle on which he has logged 30,000 kilometres.

Colin Cooper rides on beer and bread

Back-to-basics cyclist Colin Cooper is back in the saddle with a new ‘Cheaper than staying at home’ cycling adventure. He is riding his steel-frame, single-speed, back-pedal brake Qhubeka bike from his home in Groot Marico to the start of the … more

Meet Bernie Theron and Colin and Bianca Cooper

With a Spring in my step, I’d like to introduce you to Bernie Theron and Colin & Bianca Cooper. They’ll be speaking at FEAT Kids and FEAT on Thursday, 8 October 2015.

FEAT 2015 speakers

The speakers at FEAT on Thursday, 8 October 2015 are: Andrew Porter – ‘Going solo’ Bernie Theron – ‘An undying head wind’ Colin & Bianca Cooper – ‘Back to basics Qhubeka expeditions’ Duncan Paul – ‘A race within a race … more

FEAT 2015

Five years have passed since the first FEAT event was held… and this year welcomes the 7th annual FEAT event. Date: Thursday, 8 October 2015 Venue: Linder Auditorium, Wits Education Campus, Parktown. JHB (map and venue information) Times: from 17h00 … more

Colin and Bianca complete 9 Peaks

Father-and-daughter duo Colin and Bianca Cooper completed their 9 Peaks adventure two weeks ago. They rode their low-cost, low-maintenance Qhubeka Buffalo bicycles between each of the nine peaks, the highest points in each of our nine Provinces, climbing to the … more