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  • Jo’burg Oct 2010

    Videos of talks from the FEAT event in Jo’burg on Thursday, 7 October 2010

    Pierre Carter

    With 30 years of climbing and mountaineering and 20 years of paragliding experience, it’s little wonder that Pierre’s most recent project combines his passion for mountains and flight [more]

    Ray Chaplin

    On foot or in the [bicycle] saddle, Ray leans towards unusual adventures and endurance challenges, linking them to worthy causes [more]

    Julian Dallamore

    Julian first began his career in the exciting, fast-paced world of advertising with Publicis Worldwide and this is where his fascination with brands began [more]

    Mike Blyth

    Mike’s passions are adventure flying, business and film making. In 1992 he became South Africa’s first aviation world champion by winning the Microlight World Champs [more]

    Marianne Schwankhart

    An accomplished photo-journalist, Marianne started climbing in 1996 while studying fine arts at Wits Technikon, Johannesburg [more]

    Kyle Meenehan

    Kyle was the recipient of Mountain Club of South Africa’s 2009 ‘Supertramp Award’, an annual cash prize given to young people planning expeditions or trips of interest [more]

    Mandy Ramsden

    In May 2010, Mandy became the second South African woman to summit Everest; and the first African-born woman to climb all seven of the World’s heighest mountains on each continent [more]