Jo’burg Oct 2011

Videos of talks from the FEAT event in Jo’burg on Thursday, 6 October 2011

Simon Gear

Simon Gear anchors the environmental TV show, 50|50, and is an environmental and science correspondent on radio. He is most recognised from his work as a broadcast meteorologist (weatherman) on South Africa’s national tv channel, SABC3. [more]

Frank Solomon

Frank Solomon is a big-wave surfer from Cape Town. The first big wave he surfed outside of SA was the notorious Mavericks, off California, three years ago; and he’s been back every winter since. At the time of speaking at FEAT – after a recent competition in Peru – he is 10th in the Big Wave World Tour rankings; his first year on the tour. Frank gives us some insight into these monster waves. [more]

Marian Penso

Marian Penso has been mountain biking for 14 years. During June/July 2011, with Luke Bush, Marian cycled the 4418km Continental Divide from Canada to the US-Mexico border in 29 days. They often covered 180km each day. It took two years of planning to prepare for this self-sufficient biking expedition. [more]

Andy de Klerk

A world-renowned rock climber, alpinist, skydiver and BASE jumper, Andy de Klerk has been climbing for more than 20 years. He has scaled the big walls of the world and numerous peaks around the globe. He speaks about opening routes, of which he has extensive experience. [more]

Gerard Finnemore

Gerard Finnemore has been in private practice as a clinical psychologist for 10 years.  Although his professional focus has been on emotional intelligence and evolutionary psychology, he jumped at the opportunity to interview adventurers to explore the theme of post-expedition depression. In the process he has made many other interesting observations. [more]

Capoeira @ FEAT Joburg, Oct 2011

A skillful capoeira display at FEAT Jo’burg (Oct 2011) by Jarred and Mark from Capoeira Terranossa in Johannesburg, South Africa. [more]

Kim van Kets

Kim has been running for more than half her life; plus paddling and cycling for many years. Her ‘Tri the Beloved Country’ expedition saw her running (3200km), biking (3030km) and paddling (600km) around South Africa over five months. [more]