Jo’burg Oct 2012

Videos of talks from the FEAT event in Jo’burg on Thursday, 4 October 2012

James Pitman (video)

James grew up on a farm in the Kwa-Zulu Natal midlands and from a young age he developed a deep love of the outdoors and adventure. [more]

Martin Dreyer

From commercial fisherman to adventure athlete and creator of the Change a Life Academy, Martin’s achievements have been nothing short of exceptional. [more]

Rob Thomas

The go-to guy for mountain rescue, Rob Thomas trains others in mountain- and wilderness-rescue skills, including rope-rescue, wilderness and helicopter-based rescue techniques. [more]

James Lea-Cox

James enjoys a bit of adventure, whether it’s close to home or somewhere wild, remote, and exciting. [more]

Elizabeth de Speville

In February 2011 Elizabeth decided that she needed an adventure. Within three days she’d found ‘Camino de Santiago’ on the internet and that week she began walking regularly for the first time in years. [more]

Ed February

Ed has been climbing for more than 30 years. Within this time he has made major contributions to South African rock climbing having being on the opening ascent of more than 200 routes. The most recent of these being a 10-pitch aid route ‘Mediocrity’ on Milner Peak (24, A3) with Andy de Klerk opened in January 2001 and several sport routes graded between 14 and 23 on a new crag in Montagu in 2011. [more]

Davey du Plessis

Last year (2011) Davey cycled through Africa with his friend Ricki Hodgson. In July this year (2012) he began what should have been a six-month Amazon River source-to-sea epic adventure. Well, it was indeed epic. [more]