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    Chris Bertish has successfully SUP’d the Atlantic

    This morning Chris Bertish completed his 93-day crossing of the Atlantic Ocean – from Morocco to Antigua – by custom standup paddleboard (SUP).  [more]

    Robby talks about Kili and Everest 23 Feb 2017

    Feel the adventure of high-altitude mountaineering at this talk by K-Way Ambassador Robby Kojetin. Aside from having climbed and trekked all over the world, Robby has nine Kilimanjaro summits and one Everest summit to his credit. These two mountains are the feature of this talk. Making this evening extra special is the presence of Nepali mountaineer and trekking guide Satish Man Pati, who will add his insight and experience to the evening. It is essential that you RSVP. [more]

    Double Drakensberg Grand Traverse

    If  single Drakensberg Grand Traverse is not enough, how about a double? Over New Year Jonathan Newman and Mike van Wyngaard did a back-to-back Drakensberg Grand Traverse. They started with a South-to-North route, a few days off and then a North-to-South route. Andrew Porter, holder of the solo FKT, joined them for the return journey. [more]

    Bagging all khulus in the Drakensberg

    In December Jonathan Newman and Andrew Porter completed the challenge of ascending every khulu in the Drakensberg. A khulu is a peak in the Drakensberg that sits at over 3,000 metres above sea level. There are dozens of them. [more]

    Everesting attempt on Qhubeka bikes

    Colin and Bianca Cooper, our adventurous Qhubeka bike riders, have another interesting ride planned for 13 January 2017. They aim to ride the accumulated elevation of the height of Mt Everest (8848 metres) in one session. [more]

    Clyde joins Braam for Cape2Rio row

    Planning and preparing for an expedition is an adventure in itself. With days to go until the start of the Cape2Rio trans-Atlantic row, Clyde Barendse will now be rowing with Braam Malherbe, taking Peter can Kets’ place. [more]


    Through the recent GivenGain newsletter, I’ve learned about Mad2Run, a group of runners who do an annual multi-day, non-stop relay covering 1,490 kilometres between Jo’burg and Cape Town in seven days. They did runs in 2014, 2015 and 2016; they’re already planning their 2017 relay, which starts on 7 April 2017. [more]