Through the recent GivenGain newsletter, I’ve learned about Mad2Run, a group of runners who do an annual multi-day, non-stop relay covering 1,490 kilometres between Jo’burg and Cape Town in seven days. They did runs in 2014, 2015 and 2016; they’re already planning their 2017 relay, which starts on 7 April 2017. [more]

Bertish on Trans-Atlantic SUP expedition

Back in August, Chris Bertish announced his plans to cross the Atlantic by Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP). As of yesterday, Tuesday 6 December 2016, his expedition is now underway.  [more]

The psychology of adventurers

Psychologist Gerard Finnemore spoke at FEAT in October 2011 and presented very interesting results from his research into the psychological make up of adventurers. Many years later, he has interviewed and analysed dozens of FEAT speakers to determine what makes an adventurer. He has presented his work at conferences and now an article that Gerard has written has been published on BizNews. This article focuses on Peter van Kets and Braam Malherbe, who will soon begin their Cape2Rio trans-Atlantic rowing expedition. [more]

Warrick and Camilla cycled Joburg2Kili

In September and October this year, Warrick and Camilla Kernes cycled 4,650 kilometres from Johannesburg to Moshi at the base of Kilimanjaro, which they subsequently summited. Their ride was made more challenging by using Qhubeka single-speed bicycles, which are donated by the Qhubeka charity throughout rural areas in South Africa. [more]

Mike Horn off to Antarctica

Mike Horn is current sailing from Cape Town to Antarctica – he left on 20 November 2016 for the icy continent. He’ll be skiing across the continent via the South Pole. This Antarctic crossing is part of a a bigger Pole2Pole expedition, which sees him circumnavigating the globe North-South. Many of you may remember Mike’s Zero Latitude Expedition where he circumnavigated the Earth at the equator. [more]

45 days until Pete and Braam row Cape to Rio

A year ago Peter van Kets and Braam Malherbe announced that they would team up to row from Cape Town to Rio (Brazil) and now they’re counting down the days until they set off. In 45 days time (early January 2017), Pete and Braam will alternate rowing two-hours on, two-hours off, 24 hours a day until they complete the 6,700-kilometre distance, which they estimate should take them around 90 days. [more]

Andrew Porter runs Grand Himalaya Trail

At the end of October, Andrew Porter – holder of the Drakensberg Grand Traverse solo record – has run the Grand Himalayan Trail, a distance of 1406 kilometres between Hilsa and Pashupatinagar. He completed this journey in 28 days 13 hours 56 minutes.  [more]