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Colin rides again – a feat of recovery

I’ve written about low-budget adventure cyclist Colin Cooper before. His cycling adventures are South African, interesting and often done with his daughter, Bianca. Colin and Bianca are back in the saddle for their most recent adventure – riding to and … more

Colin Cooper rides again (low-cost)

For his 60th birthday, low-cost cyclist Colin Cooper took to the trails for a 666km ride – in six days – on his 23kg, solid steel, Qhubeka bike.

Colin’s Groot Marico cycle adventure

Our thrifty cyclist, Colin Cooper, is on the move again. This time he’s planning to cycle 300 kilometres of dirt roads in 24 hours, on his trusty single-speed, no-frills Qhubeka¬†bicycle. Accompanied by his daughter Bianca, the pair will¬†follow the Groot … more

Thrifty cyclist on Livingstone-themed ride

Thrifty cyclist Colin Cooper made FEAT news last year when he sent us a note about his expedition bike rides on a budget of only R10 per day. His next cycle tour begins on Tuesday, 19 March from Kuruman in … more


FEAT Jo’burg: Thursday, 8 October 2015 For the first time we had two FEAT events with our first FEAT Kids in the afternoon and the annual FEAT event at night. The events were held at the Linder Auditorium. While FEAT … more

50 is the new 30

I received a lovely email from Antoinette Morgan in response to my post about Colin Cooper’s R10/day cycle trips. She’s an avid adventurer and over the past six years she has undertaken a number of interesting (low-budget) adventures. This is … more

Cycle touring on R10 per day

Colin Cooper has a really cool cycle touring project. He heads off on multiday trips with a strict budget limit of only R10 per day. Last year he did a 1,000-kilometre, 10-day mountain bike tour, with his daughter Bianca. They … more