In this section there are links to useful South African FEATs, informative articles and relevant websites.


South African FEATs

A record of sorts of South African feats on foot, bike and water (and other odds).


Articles worth reading

In this article on Expedition Portal, Scott Brady writes openly about what works and what doesn’t. An important question to ask yourself is “Why should a sponsor pay for your holiday?”. He also reminds us that sponsorship is not a gift, it is a trade of services. Scott asks, “Why do you want sponsorship? If it is simply to lower the costs of your trips then that is not reason enough” …more


Although this article focuses on cycle touring, Tom’s advice is applicable to any expedition. “When planning an extended cycle tour, many people go in search of corporate sponsorship. Some come back empty-handed. Some are successful. But let’s be realistic: In the world of expeditions and corporate sponsorship, bike trips are small fry.” …more


A good one from Alastair Humphreys on finding sponsorships. These are solid, down-to-earth and realistic points. …more


Adventurer Alastair Humphreys challenges the current trend by saying that those on their first expedition should focus on what they’re doing and forget all the blogging and tweeting and Facebooking. Before undertaking any expedition he advises that you ask yourself, ““Would I do this thing if nobody ever found out?”. He also says, “Go do the expedition for the right reasons. Do it for yourself.” …more


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