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Barefoot Kili attempt

Reportedly, an Italian man and a woman from Colorado have climbed Mt Kilimanjaro barefoot – but it is not official. This time the attempt, by five barefoot hikers, will be properly documented by a film and medical team. Sport scientist Ross Tucker is one of the team members (see Ross’ talk from FEAT Jo’burg, October 2011). [more]

Ross Tucker

Sports Scientist Ross Tucker did his PhD on the regulation of fatigue and performance by the brain. He runs The Science of Sport website, one of the largest read and most-quoted sports science sites in the world and at FEAT he delves into the makings of humans as endurance champions. [more]


They said…

“It's one of the best FEATs I have been to – each one is different, I agree, but last night was very special. As I get older, it's such an inspiration to see older peeps getting out there, exploring, engaging with our beautiful country and LIVING – and to have a platform to share it.”


“Congrats on another superb FEAT. I really enjoyed it and I know everyone around me was loving it too!”



“Thank you for a most enjoyable evening with amazing participants! what stories they have to tell...”