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Allyson Towle and Marc Booysen

Allyson is a Johannesburg business woman who loves mountain biking [more]

Andean adventurers back home

Our vision was to summit the world’s highest volcano Ojos del Salado, Chile, by cycling from the Pacific Ocean and climbing the last 2500m to the summit to raise funds for MaAfrika Tikkun’s youth development initiative. [more]

Ojos summit success

On Saturday, 25 December, Allyson Towle and Marc Booysen successfully summited the 6890m volcano – Ojos del Salado – in Chile. This climb completed their self-organised mountain biking and mountaineering sea-to-summit expedition. [more]

The Andean Giant Expedition

Allyson Towle and Marc Booysen are in Chile, South America on a self-organised sea-to-summit expedition with an attempt on Ojos del Salado, the highest active volcano in the world (6890m). [more]


They said…

“It's one of the best FEATs I have been to – each one is different, I agree, but last night was very special. As I get older, it's such an inspiration to see older peeps getting out there, exploring, engaging with our beautiful country and LIVING – and to have a platform to share it.”


“Congrats on another superb FEAT. I really enjoyed it and I know everyone around me was loving it too!”



“Thank you for a most enjoyable evening with amazing participants! what stories they have to tell...”